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Music Inspires Seniors In Memory Care

Several scientific studies have shown the profound affect that music can have on seniors, especially those with memory disorders. The associations a song conjures up can transport people of all ages out of the present and into some past moment that might not be fully accessible to those affected by Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Employee of the Year!

“This makes a big difference for me because I chose something that I love to do. I am a giver. I love to serve.” Join us in congratulating Danyetta Robinson, our Employee of the Year. We’re so proud to have you on the team! “If we could see god smile, it would look a...

Advantages of Small Senior Living

Senior living is an industry that knows the value of scale. But contrary to popular belief, smaller organizations have an advantage — now more than ever — over the mammoth hundred-community providers that seem to dominate the market and the media, industry experts...

Regency is the Solution to Senior Solitude

Living alone can take a toll on senior solitude, but the good news is that retirement communities like Regency are a great option for forming exciting new friendships. In this month’s Regency newsletter, Executive Director Chris Blackerby addressed the challenge,...