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Shopping Seniors - Carrying Her BagsAn active lifestyle can help Birmingham seniors improve their level of fitness. It doesn’t take a gym to lose weight, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, or relieve depression.

The key is to make sure the effort to be active helps rather than hurts. Indeed, we can all – under the supervision of a physician — work some activities into our daily routines:

Walking: We tend to take the path of least resistance, but taking the long way around or walking instead of riding short distances can help us lose weight, add muscle, improve stamina, and get the heart rate up. These things usually help our longevity as compared to sitting all day not moving.

Stretching: We should do this, being careful not to injure ourselves, before walking. It improves flexibility.

Lifting: Weight training has been proven to slow the progress of chronic conditions like arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and stress. Again, you don’t have to have fancy machines and instead improvise with objects that are easily grasped like light-weight dumbbells or household objects like cans of food.

Improve Balance: Reduce the risk of falling injuries and help your body limber up by working on posture and moving in a straight line.

Stepping: This differs from walking in terms of the climbing aspect. If physically able, take the stairs instead of an escalator. It’s more work, but that’s the whole point.

Drink Water: Staying hydrated helps your organs and improves metabolism. Plus, extra trips to the bathroom mean more walking.

Swimming: If you are able to get in a pool and move, it’s a great way to have fun and work muscles.

Before long, you’ll be a lean, mean fitness machine who inspires your children and grandkids to be active as well.

Talk to us at Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham about programs to keep seniors physically active.