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Ms. Pauline Balfour, a dedicated member of the Regency team for nearly 15 years, has exemplified outstanding commitment. Throughout the challenges of COVID-19, she never faltered, consistently attending her shifts. Ms. Balfour’s journey, originating from Jamaica and raised by her grandparents, underscores her resilience and determination to seize opportunities.

She and her husband immigrated to the United States in pursuit of a better life, raising five successful sons who embody their parents’ values. Despite her achievements, Ms. Balfour remains humble, prioritizing the well-being of others, particularly the residents under her care. Her selflessness extends beyond words, often surprising others with thoughtful gestures, embodying the spirit of giving year-round.

With her unwavering professionalism and kindness, Ms. Balfour ensures her residents receive the utmost care and respect. Her story isn’t just about personal success but about instilling strong values in her children, who have thrived in their respective endeavors, reflecting her dedication as a parent. Deeply rooted in tradition and faith, Ms. Balfour sees America as a land of opportunity where hard work yields rewards. Her sons, true gentlemen, honor and cherish her, reflecting the love and respect she has instilled in them.

Ms. Balfour’s selection as Employee of the Year reflects her consistent embodiment of Christ-like behavior, both on and off the job. Her example reminds us that our conduct should remain steadfast, reflecting kindness and compassion in all interactions.

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