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Senior man giving woman piggyback rideOne of the best things about living at a retirement community is that you have more time to enjoy life. With housekeeping and daily chores taken care of, you can focus on all the things you want to see and do.

Perhaps you want to travel to a city you’ve always wanted to visit, but never had enough vacation time for when you were working. Maybe you want to visit the grandkids across the country, or meet your family for a big even like a wedding or graduation. Whatever you’ve got on your agenda, there are a few ways that you can make traveling in your senior years easier and more comfortable.

  • Organize ahead of time. Make a list of all your medications, for example, and when they need to be taken. Make sure you have the original bottles with you, even if you use a pill organizer to keep your daily doses together. Write down all the little things you won’t want to forget, like a travel pillow or to put a small amount of your favorite lotion in a TSA-approved container.
  • If you are flying, call the airline and make extra arrangements if you need mobility assistance, are worried about making connecting flights on time, or have special dietary needs. Many need at least 48 hours advanced notice for special accommodations.
  • Take care of all your pre-trip details at home. Let the staff at your senior housing community know what dates you’ll be out of town. Make arrangements at the pharmacy if your usual refill date will be while you are gone. Get in any doctor’s appointments that you might need ahead of time so you’ll be in the best shape possible for your trip.
  • Pack loose, comfortable clothing. You’ll want to be focused on all the fun you’re having, not fussing over your clothes or wishing you’d been prepared for warmer or cooler weather than expected.
  • Be sure to keep your essentials in your carry on or purse. In case of flight delays or lost luggage, you don’t want a medication bottle to go missing or be without a change of clothes or your tooth brush.

With a little extra planning, you can get as much out of your travel opportunities as you do out of your retirement home! Not only can you enjoy hassle-free time away, you can be confident you’ll have a comfortable, happy home to return to.

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