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844There are countless myths about aging, and how much stock you put in them can have a real impact on how old you’ll feel and operate.  For example, it’s commonly thought that aging always means declining health or disability, however with better medical care and new outlooks on aging, people are staying active, able, and healthy later and later into life.

Buying into the idea that age is more than a number an actually make you slow down and retreat from the kind of activities that keep you young, like exercise, socialization, travel, and beloved hobbies. Don’t just sit down in your recliner and put your feet up because you think that’s what you’re “supposed” to do—instead make it your personal mission to bust this aging myth.

You don’t have to give up the interests you’ve always had just because of the changes retirement brings. If you’ve always enjoyed being out on the town seek out interesting events in your area, like regular karaoke nights, car shows, county fairs, presentations at the Huntsville Museum of Art, or free events  like the Concerts on the Dock series or Monte Sano Art Festival. You have a great opportunity to discover your city from a new perspective—one that isn’t dictated by work or kids.

Not only do you have Birmingham to play in, you have all the benefits of living in a retirement community. Senior living communities have so many resources for proving stereotypes about seniors wrong. With outings, games, activities and a built in community of neighbors, there’s so much to see and do.

Regular exercise classes or physical therapy can help you stay fit, while gardening can give you an opportunity to move around, enjoy nature, and chat while doing something creative. Card games and book clubs can keep your mind strong. The more you participate in the world around you, the more you’ll be a myth buster.