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Living alone can take a toll on senior solitude, but the good news is that retirement communities like Regency are a great option for forming exciting new friendships.

In this month’s Regency newsletter, Executive Director Chris Blackerby addressed the challenge, saying, “We have a number of new residents who have joined us since the first of the year, so take the time to get to know your neighbors and make a new friend.”

Regency tackles loneliness head-on, with plenty of opportunities to make new friends and participate in events planned by our Activities Directors. Many senior adults also face loneliness during this time of year. Seniors with mobility issues who live alone may feel cut off from the world. Some may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression related to the changing seasons, and usually occurring through winter months.

A fun-filled lifestyle is one of the main selling points for any retirement community. Among our activities planned for February are MEGA Bingo Jackpot, a Mardi Gras King Cake Party, movies, Ash Wednesday service, a visit to the George Washington Museum, and a dance. Activity Director Debbie Jenkins is always looking for events to entertain our residents and provide opportunities for interaction.

Activities are always more fun when done with a pal.

Although introducing ourselves to new people can generate anxiety, especially for shy people, making the effort to make new friends can be fun.

Conversations can lead to interesting places and reveal both things we have in common with others and unique difference in background and values. One thing that unites residents in Assisted Living is commonality of life experience, which makes ripe material for discussing the old days, past teachers or bosses you might have shared, old Birmingham neighborhoods, football teams, cars, events, recipes, and so much more.

Not everyone needs the same amount of companionship or a huge circle of friends. Some people are more reserved and value their privacy most. Others are eager to share. A higher quality of life always involves at least some amount of social interaction with friends, family and authority figures.

Experts say to keep a friend, we should respect boundaries and beliefs, withholding judgment if someone expresses a different value from our own. People should avoid becoming a burden or behaving selfishly, perhaps only paying attention to a friend when something is needed.

With courtesy and common sense, making a keeping new friends can be easy and fun. Beginning a new chapter with a move to Regency sets the stage for fun and adventure. Call (205) 942-3355 for more information about joining us.