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Tech Improving Lives and Connections for Birmingham Seniors

We are rolling out a new company-wide program for our Pathways-Intentional Memory Care residents and families. It is our desire to add more invigorating technology to stimulate the neurological pathways of our Memory Care residents. For that purpose, we have invested in a state-of-the-art, engaging, life enrichment system called “It’s Never 2 Late.”

We affectionately call it the iN2L, and you can learn all about it by watching videos on YouTube.

This activity program connects to a large screen TV with hundreds of varieties of activities. We can use it with a group of residents or take the unit to a resident’s room. Families can set up personal portals where you can download dad’s favorite type of music, mom’s favorite ministers, Skype with family across the country, challenging math and spelling games and even use it for therapy programs.

Jeff Clay, Regency’s COO, said Regency is making this system a company-wide commitment for our Memory Care residents. Huntsville and Tuscaloosa have been testing iN2L to make sure it meets the need, and we’ve begun rolling it out in other communities during the month of November.

Simplifying Tech Tasks for Seniors and their Families

In the Internet age, it’s hard to get very far without having a certain comfort level around computers, networked systems and using applications to more efficiently manage tasks that were once done the hard way. If you are intimidated by computers, using one to perform these chores IS the hard way.

Part of what makes “It’s Never 2 Late” so useful is its ease of use. With minimal frustration, our staff help residents to set up and use the touchscreen system to send emails to friends and family, share photos, hold video chat sessions, and more. It’s so easy, in fact, that performing tasks comes disguised as fun games and stimulating experiences. Regardless of a resident’s physical limitations or comfort level using tech, they can use the portable kiosks to stay connected to the people they love and exercise their brains and bodies using senior-friendly apps.

Solutions for Birmingham Seniors to Improve Quality of Life

The iN2L system is just one component in Regency’s efforts to provide a high level of stimulation and enjoyment for our precious residents. If someone is shopping around for a senior living community for mom or dad to live, it’s good to know if adding new tools like the iN2L kiosk helps us to better sell the overall community experience.
It’s good to know that when you invest in a senior living community, you’re getting more than just a bed and warm meals. Enrichment and filling time with fun activities makes a huge difference between being alive and actually living. From games and puzzles to lifelong learning opportunities, iN2L fits in with the other activities Regency offers to make life better.

Special Rewards for Dementia Care and Therapy

While the iN2L offers a lot of fun and activities for residents in general, it really proves its worth when used by Memory Care residents suffering from dementia. The system pulls users in by being interactive, tapping into memories using favorite songs and otherwise stimulating seniors’ brain functions.

The system is specifically designed for clients who might otherwise be difficult to reach with traditional therapy treatment strategies. With the massive library of content at their fingertips, rehab professionals find new ways to engage clients with dementia and cognitive issues like never before.

A Tool for Residents’ Families to Use for Better Connectivity

In rolling out the iN2L system, it is our hope that families will take full advantage to engage with their loved ones living with us. When visiting more regularly becomes difficult due to the busy schedules we all keep these days, remove travel time from the equation and bring a piece of your home into our home. While it is no substitute to face-to-face time, a few moments of engagement through a screen can make a tremendous impact on a senior’s life, especially when a new resident makes the challenging transition from a private residence to a new shared community.

The Future of Senior Care has Arrived

We are happy that iN2L will be an integral part of all of our Pathways INTENTIONAL Memory Care Neighborhoods. Of course, we know that a machine will never replace the personal care and compassion of the staff that are the heart and soul of Regency Retirement Village communities. Using these tools simply gives our people more resources to engage with those we serve.

Make Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham Your New Home

To learn more about Regency Retirement Village and how we use the iN2L system to enhance the lives of our residents, call us at (205) 942-3355.

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