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With age, we face a variety of new health conditions due to the accumulation of risk factors and natural changes to the body. While heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and chronic lower respiratory diseases are the leading causes of death, advancements in science and modern medicine are creating longer life expectancies than ever before. Medications combined with healthy lifestyle choices are increasing our quality of life.

Assisted Living communities play a vital role in the life of today’s seniors. Not only does the community atmosphere keep seniors physically active and independent, but it also provides increased safety and piece of mind for both seniors and their families.

While it can be cumbersome for anyone to manage, it becomes increasingly challenging for many seniors to properly take their medications. Not taking prescriptions as directed poses an increased risk for toxicity and adverse reactions, especially when taken with other prescriptions or over the counter medications.

Poor medication management can aggravate current conditions and even leave your loved ones at risk for serious medical issues. In fact, the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living reports that a third of emergency room visits by seniors are caused by adverse drug events.

The benefits of retirement living are numerous. Not only do families gain a peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are receiving the care and assistance they need, but seniors enjoy the freedom to enjoy life on their terms, while simultaneously benefiting from the “safety net” of Assisted Living.

Unlike traditional nursing home care, Assisted Living is more affordable and offers a more home-like atmosphere than the clinical nursing home setting. This option provides safety and security while balancing activity and independence.

Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham offers a medication reminder system to ensure that residents are given their medications in the correct dose and at the correct time. This system alleviates the stress of medication management for the senior and lowers the risk of adverse drug reactions.

At Regency, we believe food is medicine in itself. Our dietary team consults with nutritionists to ensure that our residents receive delicious well-balanced meals, that also cater to the management of chronic health conditions.

Additionally, residents enjoy daily activities that foster social interaction and movement. These components encourage longevity and better health. Many studies also show a tie between social interaction, happiness and a longer life.

To learn more about our Assisted Living program and the services of Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham, please contact us at (205) 942- 3355.