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4935253The decision to move to an assisted living or retirement community like Regency Retirement Village can be a hard one to make. For the senior, it might seem like too much change, like they’re losing some freedom. However, there are a lot of benefits to choosing to live in a Birmingham AL Assisted Living community like Regency. From health and safety to everyday quality of life, Regency can give you and your family some peace of mind!

As a senior adult, and especially as a retiree or one with memory/mobility issues, life at home can become boring and even dangerous. Regency can help with that!

What do we offer?

  • Companionship – Living alone can lead to a decrease in social activity. Family members might not be able to visit as often as they would like, and your loved one might not be able to get out of the house easily. This can run the risk of loneliness and even resentment. But that’s not a problem at Regency! Here, they’re never truly alone. They get the privacy they need while still having opportunities to make new friendships.
  • Activity – In addition to loneliness, having to stay home alone can lead to boredom, with little more to do that sit around watching TV all day. But at Regency, the opportunity for activity and adventure comes built in! We have an Activity Director who plans various fun days, outings, and get-togethers every month. There is very little chance to get bored around here!
  • Nutrition – It might be difficult for the average senior to keep up with meal preparation and cleanup every day. They can’t always hop in the car for a last-minute trip to the grocery store. Additionally, there is a risk of malnutrition when the memory fails. Or sometimes it becomes too difficult to prepare meals and clean up afterward. Regency eliminates these problems! Each member of our community is guaranteed three meals every day!
  • Transportation – Seniors often have difficulty driving. It can be dangerous to navigate busy streets as their mobility becomes limited, eyesight weakens, and memory slows. We offer transportation so this is no longer an issue for our seniors.
  • Safety – There are a lot of safety concerns for a senior adult living on their own, including falls, injuries from performing strenuous chores and maintenance, and even exploitation. Regency tackles those concerns head on:
  • Living alone means having to take care of your house and yard; vacuuming, mowing, and other similar chores are physically demanding and can lead to injury. But we take care of those things for you!

Another worry some families have is that their older relatives might be taken advantage of by door-to-door salespeople or even con artists. Regency has safeguards in place to prevent this from happening.

Despite the initial apprehension seniors might have about living in an assisted living community, we at Regency do our best to give every consideration to the well-being of our residents. Making this move could be just the ticket for a safer, happier, healthier future!