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Best Places for Seniors to Live

Things to Consider When Planning to Relocate

Planning to relocate at any time in your life is a major decision. When deciding to relocate after retirement, the decision on where to spend your years after working becomes even more important. When considering the best place to retire, the first (and most important) thing that seniors need to do is to figure out their budget. When budgeting for retirement, the first step is to sit down and total up all monthly expenses. These expenses could include mortgage payments, car payments, utilities, taxes, and other recurring bills that must be paid on a monthly basis. After figuring out the budget for the essentials, it is important to consider how much money you usually spend on leisure activities for the month. These activities could include dining out, groceries, vacations, weekend activities, and other miscellaneous expenses that crop up throughout the month. Once the budget has been firmly established, you can begin to consider other aspects of finding the best place to retire.

Family and Friends

Birmingham Alabama Among Best Places for Seniors to LiveAcross the board, the vast majority of seniors looking for the best place to retire want to take into consideration the distance between themselves and their family and friends. One of the biggest benefits of retirement is being able to spend more time with those that you love, meaning that you may want to consider how much travel will be involved if you want to visit those closest to you. For many, this means retiring somewhere close to where their family and friends reside, with a focus on finding a nice area to spend retirement, in a location that is still somewhat familiar. For those who are looking for a change of scenery with retirement, we suggest looking for a city that allows for easy access to a major airport. This not only makes it easier for you to visit friends and family when you want to, but it also makes it more convenient for them to come and visit you. Birmingham is home to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, a major airport that allows for flights to and from dozens of major cities, both domestic and international.

Cost of Living

While money is important throughout life, it becomes even more critical when the time to retire arrives. For many seniors, retirement means that they must adjust to living on a fixed income as opposed to having a monthly income to supplement their living expenses. Now, hopefully, once a person has reached retirement age, they have put back some money to make sure that they have enough to cover their monthly expenses, and still live comfortably and enjoy retirement as much as possible. With that being said, why choose to live in an area that is going to drain the bank? For seniors looking to find the best city for retirement in terms of annual expenditures, they need look no further than Birmingham, Alabama. Through some quick research, many people will find that Birmingham is often listed as one of the best places for seniors to retire due to its multitude of activities and, most importantly, its low cost of living. According to our research, the cost of living in Birmingham comes in at about 27 percent lower than the national average, with average annual expenditures for living totaling a little over $33,000. Even better, the amount spent on housing comes in, on average, at $8,988 while the average healthcare costs total just under $5,000.


Another important aspect seniors need to consider when they are looking for the best place to retire is the number of activities that are available to them in the area that they choose to live. While many cities offer activities, not all of those activities are appropriate or even enjoyable for people who have reached the retirement phase of their life. Luckily, Birmingham offers a wide range of activities for retirees looking to call this great city home.

The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame, opened in 1967, offers visitors the chance to see over 5,000 sports artifacts in a sprawling 33,000 square foot building in the heart of downtown Birmingham. Often considered one of the finest sports museums in the nation, the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame is a must see for those who choose to retire in Birmingham.

For those looking to call Birmingham home, the Alabama Theatre is also a must see. Built in 1927 by Paramount Studios to showcase Paramount Films in Alabama, the Alabama Theatre hosts over 300 events a year, attended by half a million citizens in the Birmingham area. Whether you are looking to catch an act by a local artist, hear your favorite tunes from an established act, catch a play, or watch a movie, this theater has a little something for everyone.

Rounding out our list is the Barber Motorsports Park. This 880 acre, multi-purpose racing community was opened in 2003 and is home to the world’s largest motorcycle museum. You can spend the day watching racers zoom around the track or take a look at a vintage motorcycle collection that is sure to astound. With over 1,400 motorcycles that span over 100 years of production, more than 650 bikes can be seen on any given day, with the collection rotating regularly.


When considering where to retire, it is also important to take into account the climate of the area that you are going to move to. While some individuals enjoy areas of the country that experience snowfall and cold weather, many more people prefer to spend their later years in an area that has a warmer, more agreeable climate. Luckily, Birmingham offers sunny days and minimal freezing temperatures. A warm climate and an affordable cost of living make the South, and Birmingham in particular, a great retirement choice.


As we near retirement age, the quality of healthcare close by becomes a larger concern. A small town in the middle of nowhere may offer serenity, but what if an emergency prompts a need for more urgent medical attention? A major benefit of the Birmingham Regency community is the staffing we offer by skilled personnel who can respond 24/7 for those with chronic medical needs, as well as for those who simply like having someone else around to remind them when it’s time to take any prescribed medicines. A private house may offer solitude that some crave, but when living in a retirement community, there’s less reliance on the kindness and concern of neighbors to check in to make sure a senior hasn’t fallen and broken a hip, for example.
Even if a senior is fit and independent enough to be self-reliant, we should think ahead to future months and years when age does become more of a factor. It’s good to know that if an ambulance is ever needed, the EMT drivers are familiar with where a senior living community is and how to get there to respond quickly. Regency’s residence and service options range from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Care.

Make Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham Your New Home

If you’re looking to relocate to Birmingham for your retirement years, please consider reaching out to us at Regency Retirement Village. With state of the art communities, a wide range of activities and social functions, and a culture that promotes fun, health and happiness, we are the choice when it comes to senior living communities. To learn more about Regency, call us at (205) 942-3355.

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