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4194018It’s a difficult decision when the time comes to consider moving to assisted living, but the change does not have to be overwhelming or stressful for your family. Change is rarely easy, but it can be very positive.

Some aging parents look at such a move as an opportunity to have an expanded social life around people their own age, enjoying a variety of fun activities while someone else takes care of the laundry and cooking. Others may have misgivings because they’ve grown to imagine that anyplace other than home is going to be a stark little room where they are going to live out the rest of their lives feeling less than fulfilled.

Bringing up the topic of assisted living to senior parents – or letting your grown children know you want to move to Regency – is made easier when fears are put to rest and your family takes a tour and sees our spacious apartments with the variety of amenities we offer. See the environment first-hand and interact with current residents. Hearing it straight from someone who knows is often the best way for them to become comfortable with the idea.

Knowing his or her options empowers a senior to decide where, how and with whom they are going to age. Few of us want to be told what we are going to do. If you sense your parent feels attacked or overwhelmed, table the conversation and wait for a calmer opportunity to re-engage.

Typically an assessment for prospective residents will measure their level of independence to determine the level of services recommended. It’s comforting to know that even though we might be fairly mobile and self-reliant today, compassionate care is just outside our door. It’s important to reassess needs as residents age.

Taking your time to reach a decision can make the move to assisted living more gradual and comforting to senior loved ones.

To learn more about assisted living options, contact Regency Retirement here in Birmingham at (205) 942-3355. One of our experts will be happy to share more information and resources to guide you in your decision making process.