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istock_000016431389xsmallOctober 14-20 is Active Living Week for Seniors. There’s no better time to celebrate retirement living and its impact on the lives of fun-loving seniors. Today’s retirement communities are a far cry from the one-size-fits-all nursing homes of yesteryear. They come in as great a variety as seniors themselves, catering to all activity levels and interests. Retirement living is a great option for many retirees. Whether you want a greater sense of community and more activities available than you might find living in your own home or if you are finding household chores are increasingly difficult, retirement living lets you get the most out of life.

Although many seniors view living in their own home as the greatest form of independence, it can be isolating. It can be difficult to make friends, entertain the way you used to, or simply to get out and about to join loved ones for fun events. Retirement living is kind of like getting to do college all over again only you have your own apartment. You can take on anything you have a yen for, from gardening, cooking, and shopping to the symphony, sports, or even cycling, hiking, golf.

Retirement living lets you set the bar for your interests and your level of health, ability, and activity. If you need assistance with household chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry, you can get the help you need. If you prefer to cook and clean yourself and simply want to enjoy being surrounded by friends where the action is, apartments come with individual kitchen and laundry communities. How you live is really up to you. If your needs or wants ever change, however, you know that you are already set up in a community that can grow with you. Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham combines both independent and assisted living so that residents don’t have to leave home just because of their developing needs. Now that’s a sense of freedom and peace of mind!

Birmingham itself is a great city with plenty for active retirees to see and do. The Sidewalk Film Festival, Botanical Gardens, the Birmingham Symphony, and the Birmingham Museum of Art. Restaurants and galleries, shopping at The Summit, and more. Whether you stay in or go out, retirement living let’s you live how you want!