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seniors during the holidaysWith every twinkling light, decoration hung, and Christmas carol sung, we are happy to say that it’s that extraordinary time of year once more! It’s Christmastime, and we are thankful at Regency to spend the holiday season with you and your loved ones.

While for most of us this special time of year can be the happiest of the year, brimming with cheer, it can also be a sensitive time for several of our senior residents. It’s fairly common in aging seniors to become confounded and distressed, as with all adapting to a new way of life.

Here at Regency Retirement Community Birmingham, as we approach the new year, our mission is to spread joy this Christmas season. It’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. So it is our hope that residents truly embrace the real meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.

We encourage every member of our assisted living community to join together in holiday cheer. What better way to do that than to prepare Christmas treats, construct Christmas cards, watch classic holiday movies, and praise the birth of our Lord Jesus? We also offer off campus activities! Some include holiday shopping and Christmas light sightseeing! Transportation will be provided.

If you’re senior is feeling rather blue this winter, help make their holiday season merry and bright by following these 3 DO’s for a more joyful Christmas this year.

  • Do swap stories – seniors love to reminisce about the past. Perhaps there’s a story you’ve never heard and likewise, they have never heard. Ask about their Christmases growing up as a kid. It’s typically a wonderful and humbling experience for all listeners involved.
  • Do involve them in your holiday plans – Stringing popcorn on the tree? They may not be able to help, but simply feeling included and spending time with you will make their Christmas extra joyful this year. At Regency we encourage families to pick up your loved ones for a family gathering or spend time with your loved one here; because nothing is better than the gift of family during the holiday season.
  • Do keep your loved ones occupied and positive – while stringing the popcorn is a rather tedious task, your senior can find something else to help with. Seniors love feeling needed. Perhaps they could be in charge of the annual lighting of the tree. While many seniors are unable to contribute due to physical limitations, there’s something for everyone, no matter the age, there are still many things even older folks do.

Seniors may often feel down because they have very little to offer their families, especially those with limited mobility. In this case, include them in planned activities and crafts, such as putting together a scrapbook, an ornament, or even a family story recorded.

In circumstances where getting together with family is not possible this holiday season, due to travel, you can still see friends and family with modern technology. Using a tablet, phone, or computer, you can reach family during the holidays without leaving your home. For example, Skype and FaceTime are great tools to communicate with family and close friends when you can’t see them. For those that aren’t able to be near family, remember you always have your Regency family.

Whatever your plans this Christmas, Regency Retirement Community Birmingham wishes you and all of your loved ones a very merry holiday season.

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