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A very important aspect of senior care is how well it meets the spiritual needs of senior residents. After all, living in a senior retirement community with others who share a similar faith can further enrich quality of life, and that’s what we’re all about at Regency – providing the highest quality of life possible. This spiritual well-being includes encouragement and support of individual beliefs, religions, and moral practices. senior care birmingham al

While many believe that physical well-being is the only requirement in senior living care, we believe that it takes more. At Regency Retirement Village of Birmingham, we also focus on promoting spiritual wellness to our residents. For example, we offer a number of spiritual events held within the community throughout the week to encourage spirituality. These often include activities and programs to uplift our residents, enhance the social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational, environmental and physical aspects of daily life here at Regency.

35,000 Americans from all 50 states were polled about their religious affiliations, beliefs and practices:

  • 48% of adults 65+ go to church on a regular basis.
  • 65% of those ages 50+ consider religion “very important” to them.
  • 71% of those in the South describe themselves as “absolutely certain” that God exists.

“We find both Jewish and Christian residents are eager to learn about each person’s religion,” Regency Retirement Village’s Vice President of Business Development, Jeff Clay said. “We usually have a designated area in each of our communities for these services and usually have recognizable symbols like a Cross or a Menorah displayed.”

Whether this coexistence takes place through church services, singing worship hymns, learning scripture in a bible study, or simple quiet time, this level of congregating is vital to the lives of most Regency residents and seniors for spiritual well-being.

Finding a religious retirement community takes careful consideration and plenty of research. When choosing the best senior living community for you or your loved one’s religious needs, meet with the staff and residents and ask about our religious programs, events, and activities. It is often said that faith is the cornerstone of Regency’s communities and a major source of life for residents.

Written by: Katie Hanley